typing lazy


Try touch-typing an English word without moving your fingers from their resting position on the keyboard. As a reminder, the resting keys for your left hand are "A", "S", "D", and "F". The keys for your right hand are "J", "K", "L", and ";".

For example, "HELLO" can be typed by hitting the keys "J", "D", "L", "L", and "L" in order.

Once you're finished, hit the spacebar to make your word appear. If there's more than one possible word, hit the spacebar again to cycle through.


Try typing "SPAGHETTI IS YUMMY" by hitting the following keys:

S ; A F J D F F K <space> K S <space> J J J J J <space> <space> <space>

This demo is designed for desktops with QWERTY keyboards using the English language but please feel free to remix it!

(hold on i'm loading a bunch of words)